Soy free bread

After all my anti-hippie ranting about kids with allergies, the gentle Goddess saw fit to send me a son with soy and nut allergies. Perhaps She thought I needed a little perspective?


Soy allergy is a hard one, the bloody stuff is in everything. Even stuff that doesn’t need it seems to score soy just to add a little protein. Foods that aren’t even supposed to be a source of protein get soy added to boost their protein.


Buying bread with no soy is hard, really hard. There are one or two sometimes in the supermarket, but you have to read all the labels and it drives me crazy. So I decided we would make our own. The old bread maker works a treat if you feed it a decent bread mix. Bugger, they ALL have soy. Its in the bread improver. Blood pressure rising again.


You can buy soy-free bread maker mix but the freight is $60 and the mix is something like $20 a bag. Not viable.

After a lot of experimenting, here’s my recipe.

Add the following in this order to the bread maker;

300g water

500g plain flour

10g white castor sugar

10g iodised table salt

15g Tandaco dry yeast (2 sachets)

1 x crushed kids vitamin C tablet

(we have Cenovis 150mg chewable)

Cook on small, basic bread setting.

I put the bowl on the scales and reset it after each ingredient. Its very quick to prep that way.


The bread is like good white bread. Crusty, light and Connor loves it. The loaf will store for a few days in a paper bag out of the sun. Don’t put it in plastic or it sweats.