REIT - Retire

I'm not teaching for the REIT anymore. With the change in policy to align the Tasmanian course to the National ciriculum, I got cut. 15 years but no more. Hey, stuff happens.

One thing I did do was record the last session so I can do a transcript of the course in its "final" form. It evolves every time I teach it, never the same twice. It gets things added and examples changed and I was always trying to keep it up to date. Very hard in the field of technology. 

Anyway, so I have this 2 hour recording of me blabbing on. I wanted to type it up but I can't type for squat. My wife does an excellent job but she's a little busy right now. So I thought I'd try outsourcing the job. I used and they charge $1 per minute and they are very good. The accuracy was high, very high. I had visions of them using a cheap voice to text recognition engine and me getting a very mediocre job that I'd have to work on a lot to get something I could use. But what I got back was bloody brilliant. I would recommend them. You just upload your audio file (I recorded an MP3 using only my iPhone 6 sitting on the desk, it was a pretty rough audio) and pay the prescribed fee (they time your file as it uploads) and a day or so later they email you a link to a Word file.


Next time you have an audio recording you want typed, give them a try. I couldn't be happier.