Outlook on the iPad

Microsoft have brought Outlook to the iPad. And I’m not going to hate on it.


The big deal about having an actual Microsoft Outlook on the iPad is that now there is no excuse not to connect to your company email server. For those of us with Windows centric companies and Exchange Server everywhere, this is a blessing. And the good news is that Microsoft seem to have written Outlook from scratch with the iPad in mind. This new CEO has finally figured out that if you are a software company and make you money from software that maybe, just maybe, you should sell your software for every major hardware product out there. Yippee!!


Outlook for iPad is free. No Office 365 subscription required. Free, gratis. Just download it from the App store. The set up is easy. It asked me my email address, password and it figured out the rest itself. Hang on a minute, a Microsoft product that works as advertised? Yes!


Now I haven’t used it much because Mail works fine for me. But Outlook does seem to work properly.


Maybe some of my Windows readers can try it and report back?