Twelve South BookBook iPhone 6 case review

I’ve had a few iPhone cases in my time. My last one was the extremely rugged and protective Griffin Survivor. This case has a plastic inner shell and a rubber outer shell. If you drop your phone, it will probably survive in one of those puppies. They are awesome. But this time I wanted something different. When I’m out and about, I need my wallet; drivers licence, cards, cash and my phone. And I’m sick or carrying around large chunky things in my pants making me look like an overweight jockey with built in saddle bags. Many people carry their smartphone naked (no case) for this very reason.


Lots of research revealed the answer to my dreams was the Twelve South Book Book. This stylish leather case looks like a miniature leather bound book and contains a phone and wallet. The promise here was that I could condense two things into one carryable.


Like many of the consumer items I wish to buy, the Book Book is not available in Australia. Well, I couldn’t find anyone who would sell me one. So I ordered it directly from the manufacturer in the USA. Any Australian retailer who wishes to complain at this point can go screw themselves. But that’s another story. Anyway, USA delivered as advertised and the case arrived the day before the iPhone 6. Perfect timing.


The magic of this case is that it has an inner plastic shell to protect your phone and that locks into a leather folder which forms the wallet. And the two parts fold up into one item or you can separate them for those times you want your phone to hand to someone but don’t want to hand your cash over too. Not that my cash is ever worth anything like the cost of my phone. And to quote an old joke, if my cards get stolen, the thief is likely to spend less than I do anyway.


So downsides; Aussie money is a too big to fit in so you have to fold your notes in half.

When you close it, these is no catch so it springs open.

Leather is not waterproof so you shouldn’t use it in the rain.

There is never enough room for all your cards. See using Iphone Passbook for loyalty cards...


Bottom line - recommended