Panasonic KX-PRW120 cordless phone Review

So I bought a new cordless phone for the house, on a whim. Well not really, I had done a lot of research. But research will only get you so far if you want to buy it now and you are in Hobart. The full range of whatever it is you have seen will not be in stock. Just get over it. If you want a specific model, order online and stop being silly.


I knew we needed a new phone for home. The Telstra T-Pad is the worst home phone imaginable. Pure crap. And I wanted something that would integrate with multiple handsets so we can leave some scattered around, lost in kids rooms. And of course it had to be wi-fi friendly and offer good range and battery life. In short, it had to function as a home phone. I had found a model of Panasonic that met all the criteria and came with two handsets and didn’t cost a fortune. But of course that model was absent from stores. So I read up on the model they did have. And I learned something - you can use a free App on your smart phone or tablet (IOS or Android) and use your mobile as a handset. Even make and receive calls, transfer calls, intercom, etc. All using your own device. So this meant we didn’t need multiple handsets as we already had them. I liked this idea. Also you could use your own contacts list and you didn’t need to type all you contacts in again.


So I bought it. I wasn’t expensive. $129 to be precise.


And it works. If you have the App on your device (tablet or phone) you can call using the landline rather than your mobile. This is good for us as our all-you-can-eat Telstra plan includes unlimited calls to any Australian phone number, fixed or mobile, untimed. When the home phone rings, all the connected devices ring too. Pretty easy.


Call quality is good. Ease of use - very good. In short - recommended.


My next mission is to set up a video door bell. Stay tuned.