Since I wrote this article over a year ago, Dropbox has become pervasive. In short it's everywhere. As well as being cloud based storage, it is the "sync and store" solution for mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone, Android, laptops and web based warriors. Frankly, if you are not using Dropbox, why not?

If you work at home and don't lug a laptop around, install Dropbox on your work and home PC and your files will be waiting for you when you get home. Any changes you make are automatically synchronised back at work. And they keep backup versions in case you changed something and messed it up. Try doing that at work, you'll be groping for backup tapes and doing restores.

Think of Dropbox as a file server in the cloud.

There are files that are too big to email. Imagine popping in to your local Australia Post office with a pallet load of bricks and asking the nice lady behind the counter how many stamps you need.

If your file is larger than 2Mb, don’t email it, the chances of it getting through are low.

Enter Drop Box. It allows you to save files into the cloud (the Internet) and access them from any PC. You can share files, or keep them private, or both. I use mine to store my (encrypted) 1Password file which is very private and also I have a public folder for the common utilities I like to share. I have a semi-private folder just for EMC so I can share the log files with my senior engineer at EMC, no one else can see those files.

There’s a DropBox client (program) for Windows, Mac. Linux and iPhone. This allows you to have a folder on your computer that syncs to your DropBox. The files are store both on your computer and in the cloud at DropBox and kept in sync for you. So you can access them even if you have no Internet.

Use it to move files around, use it to backup to the cloud, use it to give several computers access to your files anywhere in the world. Just use it.

And best of all, its free. You get 2Gb storage for free and can buy a premium account if you need more. Since died a death of Facebook, DropBox is my solution.