Just install it already!

In my REIT talk, I rabbit on about the need for good anti virus on Windows. In my over enthusiastic rant, it is possible I forget the basics, that is “how do you do this?”. 


I found this great article on LifeHacker that walks you through the HOW of installing anti-virus. Video and all using Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) which I also recommend.


MSE is for Macs too. Yes, if you run Parallels (or VMWare or Boot Camp) and have Windows on your Mac, you need MSE installed on the Windows bit too. Just because its running on a Mac doesn’t mean Windows is safe.


And talking of the Mac, there IS a Mac virus at long last. I’m almost excited. We finally got a real one. In case you haven’t heard, Mac Defender is a virus dressed up as an anti-virus. In other words, it tries to trick you by calling itself an anti-malware tool in the hopes you will install it. So if you get offered ANY anti-anything for your Mac, just say no thanks. You don't need it and it may be a fake anyway. What you do need is the latest updates from Apple.