Paperless re-visited (part four)

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I think what these helpful people are trying to tell us is that tagging is better than nested folders. So first a quick overview of those two strategies;


Tagging is adding a label or tag to something so that you can find it by that tag later. Eg #funny that you might see on a tweet. So if you search for anything with #funny on it, you find all the jokes. And notes can be tagged with multiple tags; #funny #dirty #adult


Nested folders are a filing system with folders to put things in based on what they are. And then you put a folder inside a folder to further categorise things. Like it might be in the “writings” folder and then in a folder inside “writings: called “jokes"





                                   (your funny joke)


Nested folders are like a filing cabinet with drawers, suspension files and manilla folders.


The point that these people are making is that with Evernote, you can nest notes in notebooks and then stacks, which gives you a maximum “depth” of 2 levels only. Whereas you can have as many tags as you like and search for sets of tags. (e.g. #funny AND #dirty) which give you more possible depth.


The bottom line is that there are numerous ways to categorise your data and find it later. Evernote supports this. So if you dump something into Evernote, you can be confident that you will be able to find it again. That’s what it is for.


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So far, Evernote is working for me. I would recommend it. It will be interesting to see how Queen Ebay takes to it, now all of our recipes and other random notes are in Evernote.